About TEBL

What is TEBL Education?

TEBL is a Business English Curriculum offered online for English Teachers.

The TEBL Train the Trainer Course expands on existing Business English Education formats for Teachers. We provide practical content for teaching adults in a business environment.

General TEBL Business English Course

  • TEBL101 – Introduction to Business English – Student Course

Custom TEBL Courses for Business

  • TEBLTTT – Train the Trainer – Teacher Course
  • TEBLDM – English for Business Digital Marketing LS – Student Course
  • TEBLMS – English for Business Marketing & Sales LS – Student Course
  • TEBLF – English for Business Finance LS – Student Course
  • TEBLL – English for Business Law LS – Student Course
  • TEBLBP – English for Business Pharma LS – Student Course

Is the TEBL TTT English Trainer course right for me?

The minimum requirement to follow the TEBL Train the Trainer course is as follows:

  • 3-5 Years of Teaching Experience
  • 3-5 Years of Business Experience
  • English, Education or other relevant University Degree

Do any of the TEBL courses provide certification as an English Teacher?

No. None of our courses provide English Teaching Certification. TEBL is not the same as TESL, TEFL, TESOL, CELTA and many other forms of certification in English Education. We highly recommend you follow those courses instead if what you wish is to be certified as an English Teacher, Instructor or Trainer.

Teach English as a Business Language